Southern Moon Farm

do what makes you bloom

Signed in as:

Once Upon a Farm



In the heart of a seed, buried deep,
the soul of a plant lay fast asleep.



"Wake," beckons the Sun, "and reach for Me."

"Come," sings the Moon, "and grow with Me."



Listen carefully, the seed releases. 

Delicately, the soul opens like a lily.

Our Story

The tale of how two farms became one dream.

Trenton Steele (of Southern Sown) and Charlotte Frady (of Gypsy Moon) met in 2016. 

So begins the love story of Cartersville Farmer's Market.

To she, He was the Sun.  To he, She was the Moon. 

The seeds of Southern Sown and Gypsy Moon shared a deep appreciation and love of nature - the cycles of life and transformation.  Years of cross-pollination blossomed the Sun/Moon hybrid: Southern Moon Farm, officially established in 2019. 

Through faith and love, we are farming for freedom, now and forever. 

Join us and do what makes you bloom!